A Complete User Guide On Cenforce-D – Dosage, Side-Effects and Precautions

Cenforce-D is a prescription-based tablet for all male age groups suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and premature ejaculation. It helps release the PDE5 hormone that relaxes the muscles around the penis and increases the blood flow for hard erection when performing in bed with a partner. The functioning of the tablet will not result fruitfully until the male is sexually aroused after taking the pill. To read more about the importance of Cenforce-D, keep reading this guide.

Who Can Use Cenforce-D Tablets?

The problem of males facing difficulties to maintain their sex lives is increasing with each passing year. More than 50% of the male population is dealing with an Erectile Dysfunction problem that fails them to maintain a hard erection during intercourse. Cenforce-D is a potent tablet developed for ED patients by the pharmaceutical company Centurion Laboratories. It inhibits the presence of the PDE5 enzyme in the male body and releases cGMP in the body that improves blood flow in the penis. This makes the erection smooth and hard. It is the FDA approved treatment for ED with 80% of success rate.

Note: This pill is only developed for males suffering from Erectile Dysfunction and not for women and children.

Consumption And Safety Guidelines

The consumption of Cenforce-D is mainly to improve the sexual problem of males like Erectile Dysfunction or impotence and premature ejaculation. This is also a prescription based tablet like other Cenforce tablets like Cenforce 100 and many others. It needs to be consumed orally with a full glass of water once a day. In general, the ED patient needs to take it 30-60 mins before the intercourse. Each dosage lasts for 4 hours, and men can enjoy a hard erection during that time. The over dosage of the tablet is strictly denied, and if skipped, any dosage takes it into another 24 hours.

The Precautionary List

  1. The medication should be consumed orally as a whole and without breaking & crushing.
  2. Women and children should be kept away from the Cenforce 100 pill.
  3. Cenforce-d should not be consumed after a meal as it can delay functioning.
  4. High-fat meals are not recommended with the medication as they can reduce the effectiveness.
  5. Cenforce 100 doesn’t promise to treat sexually transmitted diseases and is only used for ED and impotence in males.
  6. Drinking, smoking and any other inactive lifestyle habits should be avoided with the consumption of medication.

Normal Side-Effects

  • Sometimes the patient of ED who consumed the Cenforce-D witness minor side-effects like:
  • Headache
  • Upset Stomach
  • Dizziness
  • Flushed skin
  • Light vision
  • Rashes

What Should Be Told To Doctor Before Consuming Cenforce-D

The patient needs to be open with the doctor about the medical history like kidney, diabetes, heart problem, sickle cell anaemia, cancer, bleeding order and more. This will help the doctor to know to provide the right medication and treatment.

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