Best Erectile Dysfunction Medicine

Best Erectile Dysfunction Medicine

Innovation in medical science has given new ray of hope to many people suffering from erectile dysfunction. History started when Pfizer manufactured erectile dysfunction medicine for the first time. The pill was blue in colour and in no time it became the most sought after medicine in the world. It became famous with its brand name Viagra. Viagra contains Sildenafil Citrate as the main ingredient. However erectile dysfunction medicine became famous with the name Viagra.

As the patent of Viagra expired, there came the flood of generic medicines in the market. The first company to pick the market was Ajanta Pharma, based out of India. Due to plenty of raw material available and availability of cheap labour , second largest populated country in the world dominated the entire erectile dysfunction market of all the continents of the world. Due to low price and high efficacy some of the products like Kamagra, Kamagra Oral Jelly and Apcalis became the world leader in terms of volume. Data shows that out of 3 companies manufacturing erectile dysfunction medicines at least 2 are in India.

New innovations brought not only Sildenafil but Tadalafil, Verdanafil, Levitra, Dapxetine etc in the market. Technology innovation made it more simpler and easier to buy erectile dysfunction medicine only. A search for erectile dysfunction medicine gives thousands of results and options to but medicines online. However with so many options available the question always arises as to which is the best and which one should I buy??

All erectile dysfunction medicines relax blood vessels and controls blood flow in the penile area. The main difference is the onset time and the number of hours it keeps the erection. For some Sildenafil works well and for others Tadalafil. The dose also differs. Tadalafil comes in doses of as low as 5 mg and Sildenafil comes in the doses of as high as 200 mg. It is difficult to say which one is better. Taking the highest dose may affect your health badly and make you impotent. The decision to which medicine to take lies with the doctor. It is our recommendation to consult the doctor to understand the real cause of erectile dysfunction and treat the disease accordingly. Taking higher dose or experimenting with medicines does not give 100% result always. All fevers are not same. Similarly all erectile dysfunctions are different and so the treatment.

Practically people do not go for consultation due to shyness or fear of exposing the disease to anyone. People rely more on what they see and find attractive. For all those amateurs who are hesitant to meet doctor and discuss things openly, our suggestion is to play safe and start with low dose. The dose can be increased if the result is not satisfactory.

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