Coronavirus – Dating and Sex Life

In an era when the world is in confinement, isolation and keeping distance from each other, the romantic couples are not missing the chance to hit the bed and have some private moments. At this point of time the question arises is “How safe is getting intimated and have sex?”

There are different views and opinions. We talked to many scholars and Researchers. Some of the important facts which came out are:

  1. It is 100% safe to have sex with your regular partner if there are no symptoms or the person is not affected with COVID-19.
  2. It is advisable to not to indulge in any kind of sexual activity with strangers.
  3. Coronavirus doesn’t get spread through vaginal penetration or anal sex as virus is not present in vaginal fluid or semen.
  4. Coronavirus can spread easily with kissing as it spreads through Saliva. It is advisable to avoid kissing or have oral sex.

Royal Kamagra puts across some tips for those who can’t avoid temptation to have sex and physical relationships.

Tip No. 1 – Love your body. You are the safest sex partner of yourself. Yes. You are right. Masturbation doesn’t spread COVID-19 Coronavirus especially if you take care of sanitization and keep your hand and sex toys clean and sanitized.

Tip No. 2 – If you want to go beyond Masturbation, Royal Kamagra Suggests you to be faithful to your partner and do not engage in adventure and new expedition. NYC health department suggests avoiding sex with anyone outside your household.

Tip No. 3 – If you do sex for livelihood and meet your sex partner online, Take a break from in-person meeting. Live chat, Sexting or chat rooms may be alternate option for you.

Tip No. 4 – Avoid kissing someone who is not close to you Coranvirus spreads through saliva droplets and kissing must be avoided.

Tip No. 5 – Do not get indulged in Rimming. It may spread COVID 19.

Tip No. 6 – Use Condom if you are getting indulged in oral or anal sex.

Tip No. 7 – Wash your hands and sex toys with soap before sex.

Tip No. 8 – Skip sex if your partner is not feeling well or have cough / fever.

It can be painful to not to have sex .However safety and precaution is what is required at this point of time. Wash your hands regularly and keep your surroundings and sex toys clean and sanitized. Always use condom and practice safe sex. New Intimate relationships and dating must be in virtual sphere in this pandemic.

People are moving more towards pornography, sexting and video chats. In fact some of the porn sites are giving free subscription to entertain the crowd sitting in isolation. The traffic to these sites after February,2020 has gone high multiple fold. In Italy the traffic to these sites have increased by 57%, Spain 61.3% and France 38.2%.

When the entire world is combating with virus and is going through lock down period ,there are few online shops who are selling Kamagra Online. Kamagra is one of the safest and most effective medicine for treating erection and pre ejaculation problems. You can buy Kamagra and other ED medicines sitting at your home in isolation and Royal Kamagra Team will ensure the delivery to you to increase your pleasure and kill your boredom.

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