Here’s the Ultimate Guide on Kamagra Gold UK

Kamagra Gold is one of the strengths of Kamagra that escalates the flow of blood in the penis, making it erect. Kamagra Gold is the best medicine used to treat erectile dysfunction and impotence in males. Patients who have severe erectile dysfunction are generally prescribed Kamagra UK. These belong to a group of drugs known as PDE5 inhibitors. It is a ubiquitous medicine widely sold as a “Blue pill”. It can make your sexual life better, and you can maintain and sustain a firm erection soon after consuming this tablet. It is manufactured and produced by Ajanta Pharma, located in India and is approved by the FDA. It is available in many strengths and forms.

How does Kamagra UK function?

Every Erectile Dysfunction medicine functions in the same manner as Kamagra Gold does. It also contains Sildenafil Citrate like most ED tablets which are generally used by males who struggle to get an erection at the time of having sex. Sildenafil Citrate helps in regulating the flow of the blood in the penis. In this way, whenever males are sexually excited, they will be able to have sex pleasurably. The period for which it lasts in the patient’s body is around 3 to 4 hours and sometimes increases depending on the person’s body.


Kamagra Gold can be consumed both on an empty stomach as well as with a meal. It should be consumed under the guidance given by the doctor before 1 hour of the planned sex. It takes around 30 to 45 minutes to show its effect on the patient’s body, but the time varies on the person’s body. If you are sexually stimulated, it will work faster than it usually does. If you do not have erectile dysfunction, you should not take this medicine. The intake of more than one pill is restricted in a single day. You should also undergo your complete medical check-up before consuming Kamagra Gold so that you are aware if you have an allergy to anything or not.

Some common reactions that occur after consumption

The list mentioned below contains some common reactions that are caused after consumption of Kamagra Gold. It can also cause unwanted side effects, so if you observe any side effects occurring other than the one mentioned below, consult the doctor immediately.

● Reactions caused due to allergy

● Decrease in heart rate

● Sweating

● Nausea, Vomiting

● Decrease in blood pressure

● Frequent urinate

● Puffiness of the extremities

● Bleeding in the nose

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