One Pager Guide to Coronavirus and Sex

Coronavirus has spread all over the world .China is not the only country where there is contamination. The problem has become global.  Lot of information as well as rumours are getting spread on social media. At this time it is very important to distinguish the reality over rumours. WHO is constantly passing information to all the countries to combat Coronavirus. With so many blogs and content circulating on social media, it becomes difficult and more important to know the truth and act accordingly.

There have been rumours that sex increases the chance of spreading coronavirus and contaminations. We talked to many scholars and doctors. Most of the doctors have advised not to panic and take precautions. There are various doubts and confusions with relate to taking regular medicines to control BP / diabetes or treating Erectile dysfunction when one is suffering from Coronavirus. Buying Kamagra online and taking care of your health is absolutely safe. Coronavirus infects Lungs and respiratory systems. Royal Kamagra suggests taking precautions before engaging in any kind of sexual activity. Wash your hands regularly with soap or alcohol based sanitizer. Do sanitize your sex toys.  Coronovirus spreads through Saliva. Hence kissing must be avoided. Always practice safe sex and use condoms though the study clearly depicts that semen and vaginal fluid doesn’t contain coronavirus and contamination. Any kind of oral sex where Saliva is involved is not advisable.

It is absolutely safe to indulge in sex if you or your partner doesn’t have COVID -19. However please maintain distance if any one of you have any symptoms such as coughing, sneezing or fever. Immediately consult your doctor and act as per the advice. Sex can be a relaxing factor when the world is going through crisis. It can be a stress buster. Do not get panic and do indulge in sex. Don’t forget to order cheap kamagra online through our website Please note that safety is the utmost important factor of our life and we as a company are committed towards it. Do write us back on royalkamagra(at) for any doubts or suggestions.

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