Cenforce 25mg Tablets

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What is Cenforce 25mg?

Cenforce 25 mg is a generic version of Viagra. It contains FDA approved Sildenafil citrate which is known for treating erectile dysfunction in men. Erectile dysfunction is a state when men are not able to experience hardness and firmness in penis. It has affected  large population of men across the world. First ever erectile dysfunction medicine was named as Viagra. However due to its high cost the sale was restricted only to rich country and elite class. However as the patent for Viagra expired, there came a Tsunami of generic versions of Sildenafil citrate in the market. India manufactures most of the ED medicines at less and affordable cost. Cenforce 25 mg is one of them. Due to its affordable cost and high efficacy it became popular in a very short span of time. Not only third world nations but even the most developed nations of the world are preferring Cenforce 25 mg.

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Cenforce 25 mg, like any Viagra, is an excellent dilator of blood vessels as it inflates them. The rigid muscles in the body make it harder for the blood vessels to function correctly as they impart pressure in the vessel walls. As Cenforce 25 mg is administered in the body, the rigid muscles slowly loosen up which allow space for the blood vessels to reach to the relaxed state. With the vessel relaxation, the blood influx rate increases and blood pressure adjusts to the normal condition. The vessel relaxation also takes place in the penis which permit the decent amount of blood flow for the erection. Same goes with the hypertension scenario where regular blood supply without any irregularity dilutes the threat of heart diseases.

How Does Cenforce 25mg Tablet Works?

Cenforce 25 mg is a very good diffuser of blood vessels. It works by inflating the blood vessels. By taking Cenforce 25 mg the rigid muscles in the body slowly gets into the relaxed state which facilitates the blood flow. As the blood flow increases in the penile area, the penis gets erected. It is a temporary treatment of erectile dysfunction which stays for 3-4 hrs. Cenforce 25 mg also helps in hypertension by supplying regular blood in the vessels which reduces the risk of heart diseases.

How Does Cenforce 25mg Work at The Ground Level?

Cenforce 25 mg is a phosphodiesterase (PDE-5) inhibitor. The whole body is connected with  neurotransmitters. All movements of the body is govern by brain. The neurotransmitter between brain and penis is cyclic guanosine monophosphate(cGMP). It acts as a connector between brain and penis. The transmitter sends signals to brain of sexual stimulation and the brain in turn erects the penis.PDE-5 inhibitor reduces the destruction of cGMP. Cenforce 25 mg slows down the process of PDE5 inhibitor and prevents cGMP from the destruction. It helps in better connect between brain and penis which results in harder and firmer erection.

How to Use Cenforce 25mg Tablets?

Cenforce 25 mg should be taken 1 pill as a whole 30 minutes before engaging in sexual activity. It has to be taken with liquid as it is in pill form. Do not chew the tablet. The effect starts in 30 minutes and may last for 4-5 hours. The recommendation is to consult a doctor before starting the medicine. It is very important to know the cause of erectile dysfunction rather experimenting with different medicines. If medicine helps in curing the disease, it gives side effects also.

Tips for Taking Cenforce 25mg

  1. It is very important to have libido for the sex. If you have low libido, take testosterone hormones to increase it. Take Cenforce 25 mg only when you are in the mood to have sex. Without sexual stimulation medicine may not work.
  2. Mood relaxation is the key to success and better erection. Relax your mind. Go on vacation and avoid any day to day life tension.
  3. Eat moderate. Taking alcohol or any kind of drug may impact the actual impact and can be dangerous. If you are healthy and take balanced diet, you will definitely make scores in the bed.
  4. Make sure your partner is cooperative and have patience to wait for the medicine to work. Hurry Burry is not the key to success.

Cenforce 25mg Dosage Instructions

The lowest dose of Sildenafil starts from 25mg. Sildenafil comes in different doses till 200 mg. However dose what you require depends on various factors.
  1. Age factor – If you are young, you may require low dosage. However if you are old, you may go for higher doses
  2. If you are a beginner, your doctor may prescribe yopu low dose of 25 mg. However if 25 mg is not giving you result, your doctor may prescribe powerful dose.
  3. If you plan or desire to have sex multiple times a day probably Cenforce 25 mg will not be appropriate for you. You may have to choose Tadalafil ( Vidalista) which lasts for as long as 36-48 hours
  4. Above all dose depends on the requirement. If you are unable to perform with low dose, you may have to go for higher dose.

Side Effects of Cenforce 25mg Tablets

Using Cenforce 25 mg may have some side effects. It depends upon the usage. Some people may  get milder side effects which vanishes automatically. Some side effects are serious and should not be taken lightly. Few of the common side effects are:
  1. Headache
  2. Body pain
  3. Dizziness
  4. Diarrhoea
  5. Blurred vision
  6. Flushing
  7. Hearing loss
  8. Nausea
  9. Vomiting
  10. Heartburn

Some Rare Side Effects are

Priapism – Erection for longer than usual. It may lead to rupture of penis. NAION – Vision loss Tinnitus – Ringing sound in the ear. For all these one must consult the doctor immediately. Any delay can lead to serious issues.

Precautions to be taken- Do’s and Dont’s

  1. Sildenafil tablets must be taken orally. Intravenous admission is not at all recommended. It can be life threatening
  2. It is not designed for women and kids. Hence it should be kept away from them
  3. The pill should not be cut or split. It needs to be taken as a whole
  4. Do not take expired medicine. Use the medicine with long expiry. Near expiry medicine lose its strength.
  5. Always consult doctor before taking the medicine. A sexologist or a doctor can analyse and prescribe the correct dose.
  6. Don’t mix drug with any nitrate medicine. The combination causes sudden drop in Blood pressure level. It can be dangerous
  7. Don’t take medicine you have diabetes or liver disorder. Many times chemical combination can be life threatening and fatal.
  8. Always purchase Cenforce 25 mg tablets from renowned online store. There are plenty of fake medicines available in the market


Drug must be stored at clean place away from direct sun light or moist. Medicine loses its efficacy due to moist. Avoid keeping the medicine in hot and moist areas like window, bathroom or kitchen. It may loose its potency and may not give the expected result

Where to Buy Cenforce 25mg?

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