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What Is Sildamax?

Sildamax is one of the generic versions of Viagra. It contains the same active ingredient Sildenafil Citrate which is present in Viagra. Sildenafil Citrate is an FDA approved formula to treat impotency in men. Impotency is a very common sexual disorder which at least 70% of men suffer globally. It is a state when even after having sexual desires men are not able to get an erection or sustain an erection. It is a kind of pandemic that haunts people across the age.

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Erectile dysfunction is the result of various factors such as old age, chronic disease, lack of exercise, poor diet, and other physical and psychological factors. The surprising fact is that not even 50% of the population seeks medical advice or visits the hospital. It could be embarrassing to speak openly to a doctor or not paying heed to it seriously. Women continue to suffer because of this. Whatever may be the reason Sildamax is one of the safest and high efficacy medicine available on market and in online pharmacies to treat your sexual disorder and give you immense please in sex.

Is Sildamax Safe?

Medicines are manufactured to cure disease and for the betterment of the body. Medicines are not risky if taken with precautions and as per advice from the doctor. Sildamax improves blood circulation in the body and helps in erection. However, overdose can lead to complexities like any other medicine. Uncontrolled blood supply to the penis is also not good. Hence play safe and take the required dose of the medicine only as per advice from the doctor.

Can Women Also Take This Medicine?

The body of men and women are different and so certain functions of the body. Sildamax reacts differently for men and women. The medicine is specifically manufactured for men and should not be used by women. There are other medicines like Cenforce FM and Lovegra which can be used by women.

How Sildamax Works?

Sildamax contains Sildenafil citrate as the main ingredient. It is the same ingredient that is present in Viagra. Sildenafil belongs to a group of medicines known as PDE 5 inhibitors. The nature of this medicine is to control the degradation of cGMP which is an enzyme required for communication to pass between the brain and penile area. It further relaxes blood vessels in the body and allows rich movement of blood. An increased blood flow in a penile area leads to a strong and firm erection.

Why Sildamax Is Cheap In Comparison To Viagra

Sildamax is a generic version of Sildenafil Citrate. The first-ever medicine to cure erectile dysfunction was manufactured by Pfizer with the brand name Viagra. It contained Sildenafil Citrate. The same was approved by FDA in the year 1998 for commercial purposes. Simultaneously Pfizer got a patent to manufacture the medicine in its own name up to a certain period of time. The medicine was costly and was out of reach of many men. Also as the company was sole manufacturing the medicine, the company was not able to fulfill the requirements coming from across the globe. Once the patent of the medicine ended many other companies started manufacturing generic versions. Sildamax was one of them. Due to the fact that the company is based in India where there is no dearth of cheap labours and raw material, the company was able to manufacture the same medicine with same ingredient at a fractional cost of Viagra. The quality and efficacy remain the same. Upon manufacturing the samples are tested by departments controlling drugs and medicines and upon sufficient approval, the drug is being sold globally.

How To Take Sildamax?

Sildamax is a hard pill and needs to be swallowed with water 20-30 minutes before getting engaged in sexual activity. This can be taken before or after a meal. However, the heavy and saturated meal is not recommended as it slows down the process of erection. Alcohol should also be avoided. Do not crush or split the pill. It should be taken orally and should not be injected through veins.

What To Do If I Skip The Medicine?

Impotency is not a chronic disease. Chronic diseases are those diseases for which there is no cure and lifelong medication is required for controlling it. Some of the examples of chronic diseases are diabetes, Hypertension, Parkinsonism, etc. This is the reason why regular medication is not required for treating erectile dysfunction. Sildamax should be taken as and when required. Do not take more than 1 pill in a single day. There should at least be a gap of 24 hours between the two pills.

Should I Worry About Side Effects?

If you want to cure your disease, you should be prepared for experiencing some or the other side effects. No one can predict how a person’s body will react to a particular medicine. Some of the common side effects reported by men who have used Sildamax are:

  • Headache – This is very common and at least 40% of people who have used Sildamax have experienced this.
  • Body pain – Lots of people complained of body pain which automatically disappeared.
  • Vomiting
  • Flushing
  • Blurred vision – This is another common side effects of using sildenafil. Contact a doctor in case this side effect lasts for longer than the usual time duration
  • Hearing loss
  • Anxiety
  • Itching
  • Sleeplessness

Side effects normally go off after a couple of hours. However, there are certain side effects like shoulder pain and chest pain that should not be ignored. It can be the symptom of a heart attack or stroke. Erection for more than 4 hours can damage tissues in the penis and can lead to permanent impotency. Hence it is important to contact a doctor if you experience anything abnormal.

Precautions to Avoid Side Effects

You can take numerous precautions to safeguard yourself from adverse reactions of medicines. Side effects can be minimized but cannot be completely ignored.

Some of the general precautions what we recommend are:

  • It is extremely important to consult a doctor before taking Sildamax tablets. A doctor evaluates analyses and after a complete checkup and knowing your medical history advises you on correct medicine and the correct dose.
  • Do not split the medicine. The medicine works slowly and splitting the medicine may cause a sudden increase in effect which doctors do not advise.
  • Check the content of your medicine if you are on medication for any chronic disease. Any nitrate content along with Sildenafil can cause a sudden fall in blood pressure
  • Visit a doctor if you are diabetic or have any cardiovascular disease. Chronic disease’s medicine generally may cause an adverse reaction if taken along with Sildenafil
  • Avoid the medicine if you have recently gone through any surgery
  • Always take medicine with long expiry. Short expiry medicines lose their strength and are very much effective
  • Do not consume alcohol before or after taking the medicine.
  • Read the label of the medicine and follow the instructions written on it.
  • Do not take Sildenafil if you are already taking other medicines for ED. Most of the ED medicines are PDE 5 inhibitors and combining medicines may not be good for your health

How To Store Sildamax?

Sildamax should be stored in a dry place away from direct sunlight. Keep it out of reach of children and pets.