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Ultimate Guide: Sildenafil vs Tadalafil – Which is better?

There are several medications available for a common sexual problem called Erectile Dysfunction. Many times the user gets confused about which is the best pill between Sildenafil vs. Tadalafil? If you are also struggling with the same question, this guide is for you. Here, we will talk about Erectile Dysfunction, its cure with Sildenafil and Taladalfil, dosage to consume, storage, common symptoms. So, stay connected.

 What are Erectile Dysfunction and the Role of Medication?

As the men age, several problems hit the human body. One of them is sexual problems that many of them suffer from and look for the cure. Erectile dysfunction can happen when the nerves get harmed, and blood flow is reduced around the penis. It can also occur if a person is suffering from any severe disease such as atherosclerosis, heart disease, high blood pressure, or high blood sugar from Diabetes. It is one such major issue that most of the men population face. In this case, the men lack erection during the sexual activity with the partner. However, this can be easily treated with the proper medication as per the doctor’s advice.

There are two popular medicines for Erectile Dysfunction named Sildenafil and Tadalafil. The user is often stuck with the question of which is the better tablet to consume to cure ED. So, let’s talk about it in detail.

Read All About Sildenafil Tablet

Sildenafil is a common name in the tablets to cure Erectile Dysfunction. It has been in the market since 1998 and known for the positive effects and side effects. After an hour of medicine consumption, it shows the full effect and this lasts for four to five hours. This medicine has a primary component called Viagra that has been developed by a top pharmaceutical company named Pfizer but in 2013. After that, the patent expired, and any company can produce Sildenafil as their own medicine for the ED treatment.

Side Effects: Many patients have witnessed some common side effects after the consumption of Sildenafil which includes headache, nausea, stuffy nose, flushing and indigestion. There can be some other rare effects that the user can consult with the doctor for an immediate cure.

Dosage: Sildenafil is usually consumed as per the instructions by the doctor. Most of them prescribe a 50 mg supplement. If the standard dose is invalid or the light side effect is experienced, it can be increased to 100 mg or 25 mg. The dose may differ based on your medical history, and your doctor should discuss the appropriate initial dose.

What do you need to know about Taladalfil?

Another popular medication to cure Erectile Dysfunction is Tadalafil. It was introduced in 2003 by Cialis as an alternative ED tablet. The company has been producing the medication till 2017, and unlike Viagra, its patent expired, and many other companies started producing it. There are two formulations of Tadalafil, which can be taken as needed and can be taken daily.

Side Effects: The aftereffect of the drug is to run for a long time, such as headaches, nausea, stuffy nose, flushing, and more. Also, some other rare side effects may occur. You should always check the medicine prescription before taking it.

Dosage: The standard dosage of “Tadalafil is 10 mg, which can extend to up to 20 mg when the drug doesn’t show effects. This dose depends on your medical history; your doctor discusses you and the appropriate initial dose. The daily version of Tadalafil is known for its brand name Cialis Daily. This is recommended for those who have sex twice a week.

The Ultimate Comparison: Sildenafil vs Tadalafil

(Generic Cialis) is advantageous over Sildenafil, and it lasts 36 hours in the body, which is four times longer than Sildenafil time duration. Also, Tadalafil works faster than Sildenafil as it works within 30 minutes, but some men can take it in one hour. Tadalafil actions can’t be affected by food, making it an ideal choice for men to cure Erectile Dysfunction.

Here are some more key points explaining which is better, Sildenafil or Taladalfil, and common reasons:

  1. Compared to Sildenafil, men prefer to consume Tadalafil more because it has long-lasting effects and no limitations on food consumption.
  2. Also, some men are not comfortable with the Tadalafil component or allergic. So, they like to consume Sildenafil.
  3. Both the tablets have common and rare side effects. So, it also depends on what the doctor has prescribed you.
  4. Tadalafil has no restriction on food consumption after the medicine dosage, making it likeable by men.

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